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12 young people die each week from undiagnosed cardiac conditions

Our business, and our passion is developing young people. I cannot imagine anything worse than sudden death in the young. We've decided to do something about it to help more people be screened. For every boy or girl who goes to one of our courses we'll make a donation to C-R-Y. My personal goal is that we can raise £3,500 to have a screening day locally in 2014 (that pays for 100 screenings) and the donation from Future Legends will be part of that.


CRY is a charity whose mission is to raise awareness of undetected cardiac abnormalities in young, apparently healthy individuals. At least 12 young people die each week in theUKfrom undiagnosed cardiac conditions. It is important to stress that the majority of these deaths ARE preventable. It is also important to realise that exercise is NOT bad for you, but can act as a trigger for an event if the individual already has an underlying heart condition. 


Individuals may be tested by CRY from the age of 14 until 35.  An Electrocardiogram (or ECG for short) will take about 5 minutes to perform. After the ECG has taken place it is reviewed by a CRY doctor on the day. The doctor reviews each individual with the personal and family history questionnaire you would have completed prior to examination.


The screening programme is supervised by CRY’s consultant cardiologist Professor Sanjay Sharma, who is Professor of Inherited Cardiovascular Disease and Sport Cardiology atSt George’sHospital,London, the Virgin London Marathon Doctor and a leading expert in the field. 


In the majority of cases, patients will receive a letter stating that no abnormality has been identified, but sometimes patients will be invited to attend an appropriate Hospital for further cardiac testing. 



It must be emphasised that most of the conditions that cause sudden death in young people are hereditary, and it is important that first degree relatives of an affected individual are aware of this.


Our tests are able to detect the majority of cardiac abnormalities most likely to affect young people.   



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