"Life is short. Whatever you do, you owe it to yourself to be the best you can be"

Representative pathway cricket for boys aged 8-18

Working in representative cricket, our role is to develop players to maximise their potential and help them achieve the highest level of cricket they can reach.


In Berkshire in 2014 we replaced District cricket with Development cricket. The programme follows the model of our highly successful county age group system and is specifically designed to be age and ability appropriate to help develop young cricketers. For the 2020 season we will be running at U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15 & U17 age groups as well as an additional T20 Roar programme for the U10 & U11 age group.

Despite the success of Berkshire at all levels, we have to recognise that not every boy who plays for Berkshire will or will want to play county age group, Minor County cricket or professional cricket.


Aside from growing future professional cricketers we also have a duty and responsibility to the game in general and to Berkshire clubs in particular. The cricket family needs and wants a game that is healthy and long-term sustainable. 

At Berkshire Development Cricket, whilst we continue to work in the expectations of finding unpolished gems that can go all the way, our primary goal is to underline, reinforce and strengthen our boys’ passion for the game. 

A key part of achieving that goal is to build the skill base, awareness and confidence of boys at this level meaning that Development 
Cricket is no longer purely a feeder stage for a handful of boys on the escalator to County, but will have an identity, methodology and approach all of its own.

For more detail see the Berkshire Development Cricket website.


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